Navigating Psychedelics and Psychotropics

Feb 16, 2022

Bridging the Gap: Navigating Psychotropics and Psychedelics

As psychedelics therapies rapidly emerge as treatments for mental health conditions, many are interested in use. However, some psychotropic medications can interfere with benefits or increase risks.
Sometimes these interactions are significant enough to warrant taper and discontinuation, whereas sometimes they aren't. Sometimes the user is benefitting from existing medication or wants to stay with it, other times they don't.
In short, the decision to stop or change medications to use psychedelic therapies is quite personal.
I think that as psychedelic medicine moves forward, more and more, the importance of managing existing medications with careful thought based upon where the individual is at in their life will become apparent.
I sincerely believe that for persons that are not feeling well and that are taking medications that could interfere with or introduce safety risks with psychedelics that preparation is the hardest part of their journey with psychedelics.
I decided to put together a free and on-demand webinar that explains a lot more about this subject and how I can be of help.
The objectives of the webinar are to :
+ Describe how psychedelics can interact with psychotropic substances
+ Discussion the possible pitfalls of the psychedelic - psychotropic interface
+ Outline possible solution to bridge the gap between psychotropics and psychedelic therapies
If you're considering working with psychedelic therapies and taking medications or you are a facilitator or provider of psychedelic therapies yourself, I think you'll appreciate the webinar.
Go ahead and check it out! 

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