Diabetes and Psychedelics

Aug 13, 2023

 Diabetes has largely been exclusionary criteria from clinical trials, yet are all persons with diabetes truly high risk candidates to use psychedelics?

If persons are using anti-diabetic medications, is there anything special to consider or worry about? Should medications generally be continued or stopped to use psychedelics?

If a person with diabetes is going to use psychedelics, how could their experience be made more safe and what should facilitators, providers, or organizations delivering psychedelic experiences consider?


I've been getting more and more questions relating to diabetes, anti-diabetic medications, and psychedelics so I thought I'd put together a video presentation that can globally address the topic and some of these common questions as well as explain more about my thoughts on risks and approaching candidacy for psychedelic experiences when persons have diabetes.

In the video, I provide an overview of diabetes and differentiate type I and II diabetes, discuss complications of diabetes and possible risks of using psychedelics in persons with diabetes, provide an outline of which medications could produce greater risks in the context of psychedelic use, and provide risk mitigation or harm reduction strategies to increase the safety of psychedelic use.

Go ahead and check out the video!


If you have other questions regarding  individual situations, specific diabetes medications, and safety planning for psychedelic experiences then I'm here for that and provide either ala carte consultations or discounted consultations and drug information services via my member program.

Stay safe and be well.

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